THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIEND – or so went some old song from many years ago. But for me they really were the days… of total irresponsibility – the days of fighting the Red Menace as a young Squaddie in Germany during the Cold War – defending the West and Democracy from the nasty ‘Reds in your beds’ – the Ruskies. At least then you knew who your enemy was… well almost – sometimes we forgot and thought the Germans were still a bit evil! So Fighting the Red Menace is my latest offering of how I singlehandedly protected civilisation against the encroaching hoards of Cossack Dancers, of my nefarious activities in Germany and how the Cold War heated up – oh and there’s a spy too – to boot. Read Fighting the Red Menace – Out Now in two eBook volumes at the ridiculously low price of £1.99 (but not for long). Hurry – Your 4 minute warning begins now – here is the link to Amazon – CLICK HERE

The Paperback will not be out until mid September – so this is your chance to read it early on Kindle.

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Sean Connolly