Well Mr. Putin seems to be puttin’ the boot in and getting the Ruskies all fired up and there’s talk of a new cold war and personally I think they need a good slap around the ears. To be honest the darn Ruskies have been a nuisance for the last couple of hundred years and personally I’d have thought The Charge of the Light Brigade would have put an end to them but no – they had to go and start up the U.S.S.R. and there were ‘commies’ everywhere and Reds under the Beds. It is a little known fact but the last line of defence stopping the Russian Hoards from running amok in the peaceful coca-cola (or in my case beer) loving West was me – well, and a few mates. Which is the subject of my next book which takes a slightly humourous look at the good old days in Germany when the only thing keeping those Ruskies from crossing the Rhine was a group of drunken youths.. with some very big guns.!

The new book, ‘Fighting the Red Menace’, is well on the way and the first draft is close to completion. Obviously I’ll then have to run it past teacher to correct my spelling and take out the swear words and then of course I’ll need to get a book cover made up – I’m thinking in RED perhaps – don’t know why! The new book excites even me (Although that isn’t difficult!)

On a completey different note – (Well I suppose he had a part in the Cold War too) The team took a well earned break in January to help launch ‘Jim the Jet Provost’ which is an amazing children’s book created by two close friends of mine. We attended the R.A.F Museum at R.A.F Cosford in Shropshire for a very unique launch of this special book and the Air Marshall Sir Dusty Millar made a fab speech! If you’ve got children or are young at heart then take a look at the website where you can buy a copy. It’s a beautifully illustrated book about a little aeroplane left alone in a hangar. It’s kind of Thomas the Tank with wings – a real collectors item too – indeed we hear Mr. Putin has bought a copy! See: http://www.jimthejetprovost.co.uk

I am awaiting confirmation from Royal British Legion’s Byng House in Southport and British Forces Broadcasting Services to arrange a book signing at Byng House. B.F.B.S with be filming the book signing and the handing over some proceeds from my books.

Finally, Don’t forget, you are all welcome to the Fighting the Red Menace Book launch details to follow over the next few months. Thank you for your continued support and don’t forget you can pre-order you copy of British Army on the Rampage (B.A.O.R.) and Surrogate Fathers at the website: www.armynovels.com

Till next time – all the best,