It is that time of year when our Nation remembers Our Dead and those of the Commonwealth and Empire who have died for the principals of freedom and democracy. There’s the old saying “They Died That We Might Live”. I think we not only have a duty to remember those that have gone but also to make the most of our own lives.

Yesterday I had a brilliant day – I went to St. George’s Hall in Liverpool to see the poppy cascade bedecking the colomns of that imposing building surrounded in sandbags and have a wee think about friends lost and found from my army days – and then it was on to Bay TV to be interviewed by Gerry Smyth about my novels on army life.* I guess I now felt like a proper author. I suppose you could say that the army gave me more than just a career. So to all my military friends everywhere – here or once here, thanks for all your support.


*Broadcast on Bay TV 8pm Thursday. Merseyside Area

Freeview‎: ‎Channel 8

Virgin Media‎: ‎Channel 159

I’ll post a youtube link up on Friday.