Newspaper, Radio and Television…

Wow. The wheels of industry turn a
lot quicker than I first thought. The team at have had a busy,
busy summer with not only a number of public appearances, book signings, air
and military shows, but also a number of army and R.A.F reunions too.

British Army on the Rampage and Surrogate
Fathers have been in demand in more far-off countries than I care to mention.
What has been surprising though is countries such as Afghanistan, Rhodesia and
Mauritius are now included into the Armynovels website top hits parade.

The marketing department has been
busy during the early part of the summer securing inclusions into national and
local magazines. That in itself would have been enough to excite me as an
author, but to be informed that B.F.B.S (British Forces Broadcasting Service)
will be carrying out an interview with me at The Royal British Legions Byng
House in Southport sent me to another level.

Publicity and marketing for the books
will receive another boost as Bay T.V are interviewing me in their new studios in Liverpool on Monday 9th November 2015 which broadcast on Thursday 12th November and will almost
certainly bring Liverpool to a standstill! I’ll let you know more details of the
broadcast over the next few days but obviously you will need to drop everything
and watch if only to see if their make-up department can make me look vaguely
human. I just can’t believe I’ll be on telly talking about my books – makes a
change from firing big guns or annoying people with Health and Safety checks…!

It only remains for me to say that none
of the above would be possible without the backing and support of all the
readers and the team at Armynovels who sort out the bag of words I present them
with to make it look something like a book.

Thank you all so much.

Sean Connolly

And now almost everything else is out
of the way (except Bonfire Night) now is the time to be starting to think about
those Christmas presents and what better gift than a beautiful paperback book
(preferably written by myself and available from