This Saturday Morning 27th June – National Armed Forces Day, I shall be signing books at: Stoke Park, Guilford, Surrey.

Last weekend saw me signing books at Nostel Priory in Wakefield where I was raising some money for British Legion and Ben Parkinson MBE & Shaun Clark were raising money for PILGRIM BANDITS ( a charity to help and inspire wounded soldiers to live life to the full.

Ben Parkinson MBE

Ben is Britian’s most injured soldier. He was maimed 8 years ago in Afghanistan after being blown up when the Land Rover he was travelling in hit a landmine.

Ben now spends his days actively working on behalf of the soldiers’ charity, Pilgrims Bandits. A service charity that helps other military personnel with similar injuries to his own to live full and adventurous lives.

Ben is not only an inspiration to us all but everyone else who has suffered war injuries. Ben Parkinson is truly a national hero. He’s seen here (above) swapping one of his t-shirts for a copy of Surrogate Fathers!

Shaun Clark is another one of the unsung heroes who works tirelessly for the Pilgrim Bandits. Shaun recently took up the charity challenge to have the name of every British service person who died in Afghanistan tattooed on his body. Yes you read it right. All 400 of them. He is without doubt another ex serviceman whose desire to help his comrades will reach no bounds. It was a great honour to meet these guys.

In the mean time please remember that substantial proceeds from the sale of my books currently goes to The British Legion, Byng House which provides respite for ex-servicemen.

My books are available as ebooks or paperbacks from Amazon or my own website where you can get signed copies – army

Thanks again for all your support and do take a look at the Pilgrim Bandit website which is really inspiring.

Hope to see you in Guilford.


Stoke Park is at:

Nightingale Rd, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1ER