The Royal British Legions, Byng House played host to a fantastic setting for the launch of Surrogate Fathers. With the VE Day celebrations taking place on the same day, the scene was set for a memorable occasion. It didn’t disappoint.

At 1pm Saturday 9th May, the doors opened to the first guests who just so happened to be my close friends who I worked with in Ascension Islands so many years ago. They had made the journey from Shrewsbury to be part of the special day without my prior knowledge. A great surprise for me. It was only some minutes after that a lovely lady and her son joined us. They had driven up from Nottingham this particular morning, I felt very privileged and honoured.

Most of the guests had arrived within an hour and shortly afterwards the Royal Corps of Transport (R.C.T) arrived with the most important delivery of the day. It was the most fantastic chocolate sponge cake which looked amazing. It was decorated and hand painted as the front cover of the book. Not only did it look fantastic but according to my four year old son, Daniel, it tasted, in his words, awesome….

During the afternoon, I signed a huge number of books and met up with some old friends and new ones for that matter. The afternoon was a success although the setting didn’t permit me the opportunity to grace the audience with my speech and small reading from the book. Just as well I hear you say s he rambled on during the last book launch!

My final, well nearly final message is one of thanks to not only all who attended my special day, but to the staff at Byng House who outdid themselves yet again. Without your assistance the event would not be possible. To everyone who has helped me along the way with this book. Its been an emotional trip for which would have been impossible to finish had it not been for your help throughout. Thank you all so much.

Friday 19th June is the annual 38 Seringapatam Battery Reunion. As usual the get-together but not in sunny Nottingham, but Wakefield this time. Many copies of Surrogate Fathers will be taken with me and I will be selling signed copies during the event on Saturday. Royal; British Legion poppy badges will also be on sale.

So until the next blog it only remains for me to say a big thank you to all who continue to support me by purchasing my books.