They arrived this week!

There is something really scary about seeing a book printed for the first time – did the cover work? Did I dedicate it to the right person? Did they spell my name right? But all was brilliant – the publisher & printers have done a great job. They sent me a few to sell – 50 boxes worth – delivered to the front door and then the delivery guys ran away. The front door of a very large house where my appartment is two flights up… that’s 25 journeys carrying fifty books a time – literature is not just good for the soul but for exercise too it would seem!

So now the books are here come to the launch party this coming Saturday 9th May – V.E. Day to be precise! See previous post for full details – It would be great to see you plus you get a signed copy of the book at a discounted rate as well as meeting many old friends… maybe even a few Germans. ALL WELCOME and many many thanks for your continued support.