I don’t know why, but
every time I start to fall asleep on a train or an aeroplane, I tend to spot
someone reading a book in my vicinity. It’s never a kindle, but a paperback or
hardback book. That’s important because its part of the answer to the
subsequent question that I have never yet been able to find an answer too.

Why, oh why does a person
read a particular book?

I mentioned that this
crazy event only occurs when I am falling asleep so therefore, the thoughts
thereafter are a little crazy.

This is what I concluded;

A great cover is a must.
First impressions count and all that jazz.

What about the reader
already knows the author and doesn’t give a hoot about the cover as it’s the text
they want to get too.

A good story. Without
doubt. No story, no reader. I have heard so often about ‘word of mouth’. 50
shades spread like wildfire…

Lastly. Just damn good
marketing, a cheap read and a big military family.

Don’t ask me why this only
occurs when I am falling asleeppp

Thanks and goodnight all.