How did I feel when I looked at my book

I currently have a few reviews on one site
and approximately 250 on another. Both of which I check and read on a regular

My feelings are mixed and they depend wholly
on the content of the reviews. The way they’re written the review can tell you
so much. If I don’t understand what someone is saying I can usually guess where
the review is going before I reach the end of it – and it’s not usually to a
good place!

Most people who don’t enjoy a book will either not write a review
or attempt some kind of constructive criticism at least – but unfortunately
there are those sad people who have little better to do with their lives than
to try to pull down what others have built up.

In spite of that I always try and remember
that someone has taken the time to compile what they want to say about my books
and respect that.

It may come as no surprise when I say that
I’m on cloud nine when the review
is complimentary, constructive and true, but equally I have to tell you that
although in the long run a bad review makes me stronger, it’s a bitter pill to
swallow at the time of reading it.

The ones that effect me the most and almost
make me react with an answer are the reviews I receive which are unfounded,
untrue and come from people who may be demonstrating a touch of jealousy, or even
be a little bitter. Generally, I can take the constructive criticism even if it’s
bad – we’re all learning. But when you get something like, ‘I spent 22 years in
the Army and my life was far more interesting than yours’ – you think, perhaps
this person has an agenda a little wider than commenting on a book! I noticed
in the comments that someone had suggested that he write a book about it then!

On a good point though, the process of me
sifting through the reviews is making me a better person as well as a better
author even if some of the reviews aren’t what I was hoping for.

And to everyone who has reviewed my books – that’s for taking the time and trouble to do it.