I have read so many articles over the last
twelve months from disgruntled authors who believed that when they put their
books on Amazon and their own websites, they would be home and dry.

Here are a few more misconceptions;

‘My book is on Amazon so they should be doing
all the work for me’
…. Wrong.

‘I have got it on Amazon so I can sit back
now and watch the cash come rolling in’

‘It doesn’t have to be that good as its only
an e-book’

All myths. The real truth is that the
work only starts when the book is posted on Amazon. Every night is spent
thereafter promoting and marketing the books in one way or another for many

Whether it be emails to publishers,
newspapers or magazines or hunting for that interview on a radio or T.V station
it’s a long haul and I know I must keep pushing them. The use of social media
sites is paramount and advertising on a daily basis on these sites is an
absolute must and for me a given.

So to anyone who thinks they only
need post a book on Amazon and sit back and reap the profits, you may have a
shock coming to you. Which I guess is my excuse for bending everyone’s ear! But
don’t be alone in this, bend your friends’ ears too and tell them about the
book. There is still one thing better than social media and that’s good old-fashioned
word of mouth. Tell you friends! And THANK YOU!