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Ex Soldier and Author. I was just sixteen years old when I joined the Army and stayed for fifteen years - half my life was given to this band of brothers but in truth it was my whole life. British Army on the Rampage is a seies of autobiographical novels that tell it how it was - warts and all. I wasn't in the SAS, I don't think I killed many people and if I did it was an accident. These are just the stories of a hell of a good time with real friends and comrades and the life we llived, the pranks we got up to and the friendships formed. I make no apologies for the fact that these memoirs are humourous because all in all I had one hell of an outrageously good time. And if war is a serious business at least we had a lot of laughs on the way...

Gunners ‘n’ Grenades in Paperback!

News Posted on Thu, November 24, 2016 10:45:17

Sgt. Sledge is rough, tough and bad – a young man with no respect for authority – so what’s he doing in the army? He’s about to be thrown out – that’s what!

Due to popular demand and the fact that many readers seem to keep dropping their Kindle’s in the bath, ‘Gunner’s ‘n’ Grenades’ is now published as a paperback – though not a waterproof one! That makes it the 4th paperback in the Sean Connolly Collection of Army Novels.

All four books:

British Army on the Rampage,
Surrogate Fathers,
Fighting The Red Menace,
Gunners ‘n’ Grenades

are available from Amazon or direct from the Army Novels Website – click HERE

Ordering from the Army Novels Website includes some discounts and the opportunity to have the book signed with a message by the author to yourself or your loved ones just in time for Christmas.

But hang on! We are hoping you will join us for an evening with fellow author Woodrow McKane for a splendid night at Write Blend Book Shop – (124 South Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 0LJ ) We will be reading from our respective books and chatting to a warm audience, so please join us for a mulled wine and some bookey chit chat plus a preview of my next book – Soldier B with PTSD. Date will be announced shortly and it would be great to see you.

And thank you all for all your help once again.



News Posted on Sat, November 05, 2016 10:56:55

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who pitched up to my Book Launch for Fighting The Red Menace, earlier this month. There are far too many people to mention, but to name a few.

The amazing author, Steven McLaughlin (Clubland UK) who dropped in from Blackpool. Great to see him again.

What a fantastic surprise to see Amanda and Lee. Although Amanda was a bit poorly, she still made it up from Shropshire. It really made my day. All the Mighty presenters who turned up, Karen, Marc the King Rocker, Andrew and Russ.Thank you so so much. It was great seeing you all.

Lisa Connolly (sis in law) and Lisa Connolly (daughter). My brother Bill Connolly and sister Wendy. John, The Warren family, Lisa’s partner Geof, Norman, Mark McLaughlin, Sparks, Neil, Luke and Jay, my dad, Naomi and Rebekah,

My boy Daniel for not only coming to my book launch, but for making his daddy some great little cup cakes which he brought with him. Sienna for keeping him company. Janet at the Cake Shed. What a bloody amazing cake. Mike, Clare and all the staff at The Guelder Rose. You were all magnificent. David Lewis Richardson who played a blinder yet again. I owe him so much. In fact, no I don’t, I give him the pleasure of making me look good and that’s enough gratitude for him.

Now to Fiona Aldred. Not only did she suss out the ending to my book, she has been relentless in working for Army Novels and instrumental in pulling all my book stuff together. She is an absolute star.

So what’s next for Army Novels? Well Gunners ‘N’ Grenades is winging its way to Short Run Press as I type. Due to popular demand, the E- book will finally become a paperback. In a few weeks time and before Christmas, you will have your way. At the competitive price of £5.99 too. Yes, I know. It’s a snip and yes, I have lost my marbles.

Who knows what will be next, there may even be the appearance of six little children’s stories or even a follow up to Gunners ‘N’ Grenades, but we will see!

So it just leaves me to say, get ready for round five and I will see you on the flip side of the new book.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Still Fighting the Red Menace

News Posted on Thu, September 15, 2016 10:16:10

Now that we have won the Cold War and Russia has become a docile, happy little country, no longer intent on world domination I thought I would tell the tale of how it really was for a young squaddie defending democracy against the ever spreading threat of the Red Menace – a tale of humour, intrigue, spies and the occasional quiet night out with a half pint. The novel has been available as an eBook for the past couple of weeks;


The good book has landed. It is now in glorious paperback and the cover looks very erm well – red. So we have just taken delivery of Fighting The Red Menace, the new book by Sean Connolly – that’s me. Having opened the first box, I have to say, the new novel looks fantastic.

The books were delivered, as promised by the publisher, right on time for the Southport Airshow. With only hours to spare, we deployed to Southport beach as planned to show off the shiney red books.

A book signing and talk is taking place at 7 p.m Friday 16th September at Write Blend book shop which is to be found at 124 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0ND. The event is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend which had better be all of you lot – your support would be very welcome. There is also a cafe for drinks and food above the bookshop.

The official Book Launch will take place at 1p.m Saturday 8th October at The Guelder Rose on the promenade in Southport. This will be followed by a celebration for both book launch and birthdays for the author (that’s me) and his brother – Billy Connolly.

It only remains for me to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the birth of Fighting The Red Menace. I couldn’t be happier about the book and I see a bright future for it.

You can purchase personalised signed copies from for just £6.99 and copies are also now available from Amazon – click HERE. Hurry – Your 4 minute warning begins now.

Best wishes,

And don’t forget to come along this Friday – 7 p.m 16th September at Write Blend book shop at 124 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0ND.

Fighting the Red Menace

News Posted on Sun, July 31, 2016 18:52:26

THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIEND – or so went some old song from many years ago. But for me they really were the days… of total irresponsibility – the days of fighting the Red Menace as a young Squaddie in Germany during the Cold War – defending the West and Democracy from the nasty ‘Reds in your beds’ – the Ruskies. At least then you knew who your enemy was… well almost – sometimes we forgot and thought the Germans were still a bit evil! So Fighting the Red Menace is my latest offering of how I singlehandedly protected civilisation against the encroaching hoards of Cossack Dancers, of my nefarious activities in Germany and how the Cold War heated up – oh and there’s a spy too – to boot. Read Fighting the Red Menace – Out Now in two eBook volumes at the ridiculously low price of £1.99 (but not for long). Hurry – Your 4 minute warning begins now – here is the link to Amazon – CLICK HERE

The Paperback will not be out until mid September – so this is your chance to read it early on Kindle.

And once again – many thanks for your continued support.

Sean Connolly

Giving Back…

News Posted on Mon, March 07, 2016 13:04:30


I am proud to
announce that on Thursday 10th March 2016, I will be presenting two cheques to
my charity, The Royal British Legion, Byng House in Southport.

One of the cheques
is from the proceeds of my books which you have bought over the past few months
and the second is for the monies raised from the poppy pin badges I have sold at
my book signings on behalf of Byng House.

I am also pleased
to announce Byng House has given me kind permission to host the presentation
during their coffee morning at 11a.m and who knows, we may be able to raise
some more money for our charity.

My father, who is a
Burma Veteran, will be attending. He is 90 years old and what is really cool is
that he was one of the party who opened Byng House over 30 years ago. During my
time in the British Army my dad was the Chairman of the Southport Branch of the
Royal British Legion – A post he held
for thirty years.

I’ll also be doing
a book signing and a reading and as a special treat British Broadcasting Services
(B.F.B.S) will be interviewing me after this. Oh and I shall be announcing the publication
details of my new book, ‘Fighting the Red Menace’.

Byng House is a
great charity to support and they need every penny to help our forces and ex
forces personnel.

Thank you for your
continued support. I look forward to seeing you all.



Sean Connolly

In 1979 Sean
Connolly was thrown into a new drinking club called the North Atlantic Treaty
Organisation (N.A.T.O). He didn’t have a clue what this meant but he knew it
sounded good. N.A.T.O, and of course a green army bus, were to take the author
on an amazing and life changing journey which would transform his cloudy vision
of what soldiering was all about. This was a tour of what dreams were made

West Germany was more about brains than brawn.
It was about intellect, intelligence, espionage and nerves of steel. These were
the qualities that were simply lacking in the new artilleryman who was about to
be was posted to a town he couldn’t even spell let alone say.

The soldiers of
forty-field Regiment Royal Artillery had to learn the rules of a new game and
they had to learn it fast. The Warsaw Pact was their new enemy. It was an enemy
that was spearheaded by one of the most feared countries in the world. Russia.

Fighting the Red
Menace exudes mystery, mayhem and menace. The story is one of intrigue, humour,
passion and wrong doings. In his quest to become the best soldier in the
regiment, the author stumbles across a traitor. His biggest fight isn’t with
the Warsaw Pact, but whether or not he should blow the lid on the treacherous
actions of a fellow British Soldier.

Red Menace

News Posted on Tue, February 16, 2016 10:49:38

Well Mr. Putin seems to be puttin’ the boot in and getting the Ruskies all fired up and there’s talk of a new cold war and personally I think they need a good slap around the ears. To be honest the darn Ruskies have been a nuisance for the last couple of hundred years and personally I’d have thought The Charge of the Light Brigade would have put an end to them but no – they had to go and start up the U.S.S.R. and there were ‘commies’ everywhere and Reds under the Beds. It is a little known fact but the last line of defence stopping the Russian Hoards from running amok in the peaceful coca-cola (or in my case beer) loving West was me – well, and a few mates. Which is the subject of my next book which takes a slightly humourous look at the good old days in Germany when the only thing keeping those Ruskies from crossing the Rhine was a group of drunken youths.. with some very big guns.!

The new book, ‘Fighting the Red Menace’, is well on the way and the first draft is close to completion. Obviously I’ll then have to run it past teacher to correct my spelling and take out the swear words and then of course I’ll need to get a book cover made up – I’m thinking in RED perhaps – don’t know why! The new book excites even me (Although that isn’t difficult!)

On a completey different note – (Well I suppose he had a part in the Cold War too) The team took a well earned break in January to help launch ‘Jim the Jet Provost’ which is an amazing children’s book created by two close friends of mine. We attended the R.A.F Museum at R.A.F Cosford in Shropshire for a very unique launch of this special book and the Air Marshall Sir Dusty Millar made a fab speech! If you’ve got children or are young at heart then take a look at the website where you can buy a copy. It’s a beautifully illustrated book about a little aeroplane left alone in a hangar. It’s kind of Thomas the Tank with wings – a real collectors item too – indeed we hear Mr. Putin has bought a copy! See:

I am awaiting confirmation from Royal British Legion’s Byng House in Southport and British Forces Broadcasting Services to arrange a book signing at Byng House. B.F.B.S with be filming the book signing and the handing over some proceeds from my books.

Finally, Don’t forget, you are all welcome to the Fighting the Red Menace Book launch details to follow over the next few months. Thank you for your continued support and don’t forget you can pre-order you copy of British Army on the Rampage (B.A.O.R.) and Surrogate Fathers at the website:

Till next time – all the best,

Sheep at the price

News Posted on Sun, November 22, 2015 10:49:16


So from Monday 23rd November, for 1 week only you can purchase copies of the eBook version of ‘Surrogate Fathers’ for just 99p – that’s £2.00 OFF the normal price. For a book that’s over 400 pages long that’s real value for money – what’s more it’s a cracking good read according to the critics (even if I did have to buy them a pint). Yes, follow the early days of a young lad (me) wanting to join the army and the terrors of my first months. If you’ve ever been in HM Forces this will bring a tear to the eye and a laugh to the erm… vocal chords. Buy it from Amazon by clicking here

And for all those looking for signed humorous paperbacks for their friends/loved ones/great aunts – go to my website: to order a signed copy for Christmas.

Watch the Interview

News Posted on Sat, November 21, 2015 10:53:36

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Gerry Smith at Bay TV Liverpool studios (See post below). The subject of the interview was my first and third books respectfully British Army on the Rampage (B.A.O.R) and Surrogate Fathers.

This was a new experience, though a very enjoyable one for me and I would like to thank all the crew for making me feel so welcome and relaxed… Perhaps too relaxed as my quater of an hour seemed to flash by in seconds at least for me – I think the crew and presenter fell asleep and grew beards – well not the girls… anyway I thoroughly what was a tremendous experience and another new milestone for a new author.
The interview can be seen on YouTube – click HERE

Thanks again for all your support and remember that The eBook of ‘Surrogate Father’s is reduced to 99p for one week only from Monday 23rd November 2015. CLICK HERE

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